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“Thank God for the rain to wash the trash off the sidewalk.”

Posted in New Music with tags , , , , on January 21, 2010 by pauliepalooza

It’s Thursday in LA and it’s still rainin’…

I’ve got a couple new tracks for y’all to check out, so here we go…

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1) Liars “Proud Evolution” One of my favorite tracks from the Liars’ forthcoming album, Sisterworld (available 3/8/10 on Mute). This track reminds me of how much this band has evolved over the years and how diverse their sound has become. This album features strings, horns and hints of the usual craziness one has come to expect from them.

2) Harlem “Friendly Ghost” I came across this band’s newest album, Hippies (available 4/6/10 on Matador) just the other day. I’m digging their garage-y type rock n roll. Hailing from Austin, TX these guys definitely go well with White Denim (another Austin band).