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New Tunes For A Rainy Wednesday!

Posted in New Music with tags , , , , , , , , , on January 20, 2010 by pauliepalooza

Howdy folks!

Here’s some new tuneage for y’all on a lovely rainy day… enjoy!

Uno: Four Tet “She Just Likes to Fight” (click on “LINK” to DL “LINK”) This smooth track is off of the upcoming new Four Tet album entitled There Is Love In You (available 1/25/10 on Domino). So far, from what I’ve heard of this new album, I’m really enjoying it’s atmospheric, chill sound. Make sure you catch him live, he’ll be on the road in February. For more info click HERE

Due: Sister Crayon “Souls Of Gold” (click on “LINK” to DL “LINK”) One of the more poppier tracks from this Sacramento quartet. I was lucky enough to catch them at the Echo in December on one of the Manimal Vinyl residency nights. I really enjoyed their set and their songs. If you’re a fan of Bat For Lashes, you will definitely love them (although you can’t really tell with this track). They’ll be performing with Tycho and other amazing electronic artists on January 30th at the Sacramento Electronic Music Festival. Also check out this more sultry, mellow track by Sister Crayon called “Here We Never Die” (click on “LINK” to DL “LINK”)

Tre: Memoryhouse “To The Light House (MillionYoung Remix)” (right click on “LINK” to DL “LINK”) I’m super keen on MillionYoung (as you probably can tell considering I devoted a whole post to the guy) and this MillionYoung remix of the Canadian duo’s “To The Light House” is super slick and definitely adds his flava to the song.

Quattro: Pantha du Prince “Stick To My Side (feat. Noah Lennox from Animal Collective)” (right click on “LINK” to DL “LINK”) I’m lucky to have come across the new Pantha du Prince album called Black Noise (available 2/8/10 on Rough Trade). This track is effin’ tight! So is the whole damn album actually. Check it!